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The CASE Lab was started in 1992 by Dr. Andrew S. Arena, Jr., a.k.a. "The Pointy Haired Boss".

Current Staff

Interested in working with us? Send a message to (United States Citizenship is Required.)

Former Staff

  • Clint C. Fisher (1993-1995) -- Lockheed Martin in Fort Worth.
  • John P. Hunter (1995-1997) -- Lockheed Martin in Palmdale.
  • Cole H. Stephens (1996-2000) -- The MathWorks as an Applications Engineer. I get paid to play with MATLAB and Simulink!
  • Tony M. Buratti (1998-2000) -- Lockheed Martin in Colorado.
  • Timothy J. Cowan(1996-2003) -- Developing the next generation of interactive entertainment as a software engineer for Electronic Arts Tiburon in Maitland, Florida.
  • Jeff Callicoat (2000-2002) -- Sandia National Labs.
  • Anthony Boeckman (2001-2004) -- Raytheon in Tucson.
  • Deric Babcock (2003-2004) -- Boeing in St. Louis.
  • Robert Fischer (2004-2007) -- Unknown
  • Matt Sukraw (2007-2008) -- Director of Engineering over Munitions, Hill AFB.
  • David Jamison (2009-2010) -- Tinker AFB
  • Colin Brown (2008-2010) -- Unknown

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